Holy crap this waterspout is enormous

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A positively massive and downright otherworldy waterspout vortex formed over Tampa Bay, Florida on Tuesday.


WDRB meteorologist Jeremy Kappell shared the above photograph to Facebook. Said one commenter: "Thats freakin aliens stealing our water........."

In fact, waterspouts are just non-supercell tornados that form over water. Via the American Meteorological Society:

Waterspouts occur most frequently in the subtropics during the warm season; more are reported in the lower Florida Keys than in any other place in the world. Funnel diameters range from a few up to 100 m or more; lifetimes average 5–10 minutes, but large waterspouts can persist for up to one hour.


ABC Action News posted viewer-submitted footage of the waterspout in action:

[Spotted on Laughing Squid]

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Only tangentially related to the story but why do local news stations tend to so frequently called themselves "Action News"? Does that really make people more likely to watch that station instead of the non-action variety?