For sale: a two-person control console for the Hubble Space Telescope. Buy it now price is 75 grand, and shipping's just $1,500. But wait โ€“ there's more!

Included with the control console is a "Vehicle Power Interface Console," which was originally offered last year by the same seller. Nobody bought it (apparently 75 grand is asking a little much for a one-of-a-kind piece of space memorabilia like a Power Interface Console for the HST), so the seller paired it with the console pictured up top and put it back up for sale. They make quite the couple, don't you think?


Via the auction page:

Being offered is one of the most important pieces of hardware associated with the Hubble Space Telescope that will ever be offered for public sale.

This is the Vehicle Power Interface (VPI) Equipment Rack and 2 Person Control Console for the Hubble Space Telescope.

It was the heart and soul of the HST during it's testing phase at the Space Telescope Assembly/Verification Facility and the Thermal Vacuum Chamber Facility at the Goddard Flight Center.

The VPI Console provided power to the HST and performed tests to it's batteries and solar panels as it was undergoing final testing before it's planned launch in September of 1986

There are two log of operation books that come with the VPI, chronicling it's history from it's first entry of "initial power on" 6/7/84, through it's Validation Test on 6, June 1986, to it's final entry date of 3/19/90, just a few weeks before STS 31 launched on 4/24/1990 to deploy the most famous telescope in world history!!!


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