Holy Crap, New York Comic-Con Is Bigger Than San Diego Comic-Con

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It's happened! The recently wrapped New York Comic-Con has just dethroned the San Diego Comic-Con as the biggest comic convention in America, with over 150,000 attendees this past weekend — as compared to San Diego's perennial max of 130,000.


As Comics Alliance points out, this jump in the NYCC attendance was likely bolstered by this year's decision to add Thursday as an official con day. However, don't expect all the movie studios and networks to jump ship from San Diego or anything just yet; SDCC still has more prestige, and its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it easier to send movie/TV stars and marketing teams and so forth.

However, you have to imagine the San Diego Comic-Con guys will do something to respond. There have been threats of the con moving to Los Angeles for years and years now — I wonder if this will finally be the event that makes them pull the trigger.

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Worse NYCC Ever

Hate to use this one - Bigger is NOT Better. This was probably the worse NYCC yet. I typically attend the entire weekend - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I skip Sundays because three days is enough. The crowds are horrible, one year I saw several people almost get crushed as a surge of people left the north pavilion and moved into the main lobby- this essentially pushed everyone against the wall.

Thursday was the worst day, even an hour and half after the doors opened the line to get in was wrapped around the entire Javits Center. Inside the crowds were horrendous. It was like Galactus vomited up an entire planet into the one area. Also what is it with bringing babies and newborns, serious I counted at least two dozen strollers, and several baby bjorns, and I dont know how many kids 3 and under there were. Sunday is family day bring you spawn on Sunday. It creates all the crap you need to bring to carry and care for your seed, adds to the over crowding, and why in the goddesses name would you want to take the chance that someone idiot not paying attention crushes you and your child in the throng. No panels were available - even my alternate panels were filled. It's virtually impossible to get into any panel unless you give up you day to sit in line to get into one. Though the new policy of wristbands to reserve a seat in the main theater isn't a bad idea, they just didn't communicate it well enough to let people know you needed to do this.

Friday was basically the same as Thursday.

Saturday - a little less crowded. It seemed counter intuitive especially since the past several years Saturday was the day they usually hit capacity. I also went in much later and did the few things needed to do in artist alley.

Artist Alley - It's probably the best part of the Con and the least favorite for most people. Here are a lot of the people who are creating the comics we read. The North Pavilion is a great spot for this.

The Block - where the vendors and promoters are, is now littered with psychics and massage stations. This gives the whole thing a seedy flea market feel. Very disappointing. I also noticed an increase in weapon vendors, thought that might be because I was ready to stab the next person who shoved me, and having a katana nearby would have been bad for all.

In the past when it wasn't that "popular" you could spend a Friday talking to artists, celebrities, authors etc.... with out being rushed. You could stand talk to a vendor or promoter to get an insight into what they were there about. Now your lucky if they look at you.

The food is not worth it.

Also the expansion of a week long celebration called Super Week - where basically you get discounted tickets to shows, food etc... isn't a bad addition, but it creates a situation where you just have too many options, and as reported above potentially competing with over 100, 000 people for access to those options.

It felt like they are still struggling with crowd control and by using volunteers with bull horns to yell at people it didn't help any. Poor communication, website don't reflect changes to panels etc... I also felt that the cosplay was subdued and not as strong as in the past. Fewer people doing it.