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Although it seemed like Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix series couldn't get any better, it just did. David Tennant has just been cast as the villainous Purple Man. That's right, the beloved Tenth Doctor is about to turn into a total nightmare.


The Wrap is reporting that Doctor Who legend David Tennant will be joining Marvel's new Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones as The Purple Man. We're about to see a lot of David Tennant fans get put through the freaking ringer, because the Purple Man is a vile, disgusting villain who does absolutely unspeakable things to Jessica Jones.

Spoiler talk ahead. Besides having purple skin, the Purple Man can also control mind, which means he can make heroes do absolutely degrading, awful, and terrible things. He has emotional control, telepathy, pheromones control, hypnosis — he can do almost everything and anything, and he often does. He is the worst. Basically, get ready to really hate David Tennant.


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