​Holmes and Watson hit a gay bar in the Sherlock s3 you didn't see

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If you watched the third season of Sherlock on PBS, you haven't seen the whole thing. The channel makes edits some for time, some for content, and some to keep people from seeing Sherlock and John enter a gay bar during his bachelor party pub crawl. Luckily, the unedited Sherlock arrives in America tomorrow!

Sherlock: Season 3


Sherlock returns for three new adventures, including a villain with his same mental powers, Watson's wedding and being a complete prick upon returning from the dead (not in that order. He starts by returning from the dead and being a prick, just FYI).

Ender's Game

A gifted young boy trains to defeat the aliens who are at war with Earth. The Blu-ray contains two commentary tracks and a making of featurette, none of which include Orson Scott Card at all. Go figure!

Doctor Who: The Moonbase


The Second Doctor stops by the moon circa 1970, only to discover a plague left there by the Cybermen in this digitally remastered adventure.

The Returned: The Complete First Season


A seemingly random group of people wake up in a forest and return to their French village… only to discover they've been missing for several years.

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box


A direct-to-DVD steampunk adventure movie with a shockingly high profile cast including Lena Headey, Michael Sheen, and Sam Neill.

DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures Part 1


Including the Flash, Atom and Green Lantern cartoons, in case you prefer their adventures without Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman wasting your time.

Sexy Horror Double Feature


Containing Dr. Jekyll Vs. the Werewolf, and the much filthier sounding Dracula Blows His Cool.

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This news is going to just kill Moriarty.