Hollywood's notes on Crazy Old Man Scientist Incest Freak Show AKA Back to the Future

We're willing to put down money that this is exactly how the pitch meeting for Back to the Future went. But seriously, the relationship between Marty and Doc is, and forever shall be, slightly odd.


[via Topless Robot]

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John Hazard

Love the woman exec's 80's look, with the retro-retro 40's hair and shoulderpad jacket.

My daughter and I recently watched "Heathers" (she hadn't seen it) and I thought it was hilarious how all those high school girls were wearing huge padded jackets and even huge-r hairstyles.

Back to the video, not quite as crazy about how often rape is used as a punchline these days. It seems to be a lot. I know it has comedic value in that it's shocking (I laugh whenever I remember the line from Andy Milonakis' song "orange juice raped my father"), but one has to ask oneself if this thing I'm joking about is really funny or not.