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Hollywood's New Player Declares War On Science

Illustration for article titled Hollywoods New Player Declares War On Science

He may be the most buzzed about figure of the geek movement right now, but that doesn't mean that Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar doesn't have an unhealthy fear of science. Enough of one to call for a "jihad" on everyone behind the Large Hadron Collider, in fact. Well, he was getting to be a little too accepted by the mainstream, after all.Writing on his message board, Millar resumed his familiar man on the street persona to promote his new war on science:

[W]hat the FUCK is going on here? Am I the only person who thinks God Particle, possible Black Hole on the French/ Swiss Border, Recreating The Big Bang, etc, are all phrases I only want to read in New Gods? Where the fuck is James Bond and why isn't he KILLING these French fucks before they even push the button? Saddam was invaded and hung for not even HAVING nukes primed for his neighbours. These freaks genuinely risk ending the world!!!! And for what? To see how the universe might have begun? Who gives a fuck? 5 billion pounds on a scientific folly when old people can't afford to heat their homes or kids are starving? Get outta here, egg-head! I don't care about dark matter, dark energy or even other dimensions. Best case scenario is we're sucked into a black hole, every atom in our body screaming as we die in a nano-second. Worst case scenario we're in The Mist or Cloverfield as Lovecraftian mofos come through this doorway and munch their way through us. Europeans creep me out, but none more so than Euro-SCIENTISTS. I declare a Jihad on all these boffins who risk reality itself in the name of their curiosity. No wonder Pol Pot killed everyone who wore glasses. At least you know where you are with bullies and jocks!!


Mark Millar, ladies and gentleman - On his way to becoming a major player in Hollywood. I Had A Watchmen Moment, This Morning [Millarworld]

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Aw, just read the first paragraph from the linky:

"Woke up a bit late this morning and came downstairs at 8.22am. I've been worried about this CERN thing for months and chilled last night when my daughter saw Stephen Hawking on the news saying he was going to have an end of the world party. I'd spent ten minutes explaining that the chances of mini-black holes sinking through the Earth and swallowing us up were almost zero, but there was Hawking, grinning in his chair, and saying that the end of the world was maybe nigh (ha ha) so my wee girl went to bed genuinely freaked."

Hawking, that party conversation stopper guy :D