Further proving that if there's a product people have heard of Hollywood can make a movie out of it, Fox has announced they're putting a Magic: The Gathering movie into development, with the hope of turning it into a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings-type fantasy franchise.

This sort of ignores the fact that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were based on books with actual plots to them, meaning there were narratives that could be recreated on screen, while Magic: The Gathering is a card game, but whatever. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The studio has enlisted Simon Kinberg, the Fox-based writer-producer who is also helping shepherd the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes at the studio, to produce the adaptation. Kinberg will also act as the franchise's engineer โ€” or supreme sorcerer, if you will โ€” overseeing the development of the movie series in concert with Hasbro execs.


I won't, Hollywood Reporter. Now, if you said Kinberg was going to tap this franchise for all its mana, I might have been with you. I definitely would have approved if you said Kinberg was planning on heading straight to his local collectibles store to buy as many packing of Magic cards as it took before a plot occurred to him.