Hollywood Take Note: 50 Amazing Science Fiction Books that Haven't Been Filmed Yet

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The Register asked its readers to name the best science fiction books that haven't been turned into movies, and hundreds of nominations came in. Now the Register has whittled the list down to the 50 that got the most votes.

And there's some pretty great stuff in there, with everyone from Jack Vance and Robert Heinlein to John Scalzi and Alastair Reynolds represented. Some of these books, I'd be genuinely curious to see how anyone in Hollywood could take them on, such as Le Guin's The Dispossessed or Alan Moore's Ballad of Halo Jones. And there are at least a few titles on there that I've never heard of, like Patrick Tilley's The Amtrak Wars, which sounds interesting.

The whole list is pretty fascinating. They'll be whittling down the list of entries and putting up a reader poll tomorrow. [The Register]

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a cat named scruffy- live from Caldor

Most of the books on the list that I have read (not that many) would be very hard make into good movies.

They are too long or too inside the main characters head to make good films without changing them greatly to put the characters thoughts and feelings into conversations.