Hollywood Really, Really Wants to Make Monsterpocalyse Into a Movie

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Board games are just one of the many places movie studios are looking for their next big franchise these days. Now, the latest to get them all hot and bothered is Monsterpocalypse, which allows players to battle giant monsters in giant robot suits.


If you’re thinking, “That sounds a lot like Pacific Rim,” you’re right. Which is why earlier incarnations of the film, with Tim Burton attached no less, didn’t come to fruition. But now, with the Pacific Rim sequel slowly creeping along, a new Monsterpocalypse package that includes Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez is being shopped around. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks, Sony, and Warner Bros. are all interested in making Monsterpocalypse, and are currently in a bidding war for the rights to make the movie.

The same report says whatever take Alvarez and his writing partner Rodo Sayagues have on the material is “substantially different” than the Burton version, as well as Pacific Rim, meaning it could easily co-exist along with that film.


I’ve never played Monsterpocalypse (which has been around since 2008), but it sure is fun to say—and honestly, you’d have to make a pretty bad giant robot versus giant monster movie for me not to take notice. If all these studios are fighting for this one, it’s probably good a solid foundation.

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