Hollywood, please make a movie out of this horrifying mutant cat deity video starring Professor Genki

Cult TV makers and all around genius lunatics Tim & Eric have created a harrowing trailer for the video game Saints Row the Third in which they bring to life the giant cat-headed Professor Genki and his collection of cat worshiping minions. Tall Cat Parade!


Saints Row the Third is sort of Grand Theft Auto for impatient gamers, and instead of criminals you're driving around with superheroes and spacemen. It's a calamity of crazy. One of the characters in this game is a giant, cat headed creature called Professor Genki. In a move of sheer brilliance the Saints Row marketing hired Tim & Eric to bring Genki's game show (Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax) to life. What we got was this fantastic, amazing trailer straight out of your darkest fever dreams. Watch as Genki's minions feed their cat god street urchins who compete for their lives by eating themselves, constructing statues out of fried chicken and fighting rabid dogs for meat. This has fantastic dystopian cult movie franchise written all over it. All hail the cat lord Genki!

If you want even more information here's some additional news on Genki's backstory which is revealed in the trailer from the Saints Row Wiki:

In the recent live-action trailer created by Tim & Eric, it is revealed that Professor Genki was once a renounced professor of science at the Science University College of Science. Genki had a pet cat with him, named Todd, whom he loved so much that he invented a machine that would fuse the two together so that they could live in eternal harmony. The experiment was a success and people were in awe of Professor Genki's new form, as his head had morphed into that of a cat's. He then became an international spiritual leader. The experiment wasn't without side-effects, as Genki's enlarged brain gave him powers far beyond any mortal and an insatiable appetite for wet cat food and human brains. It is then revealed that Genki became his pink and green self by consuming a large amount of human brains.

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Frank Mahnke

I've never been a fan of Tim & Eric. I can't stand "Tim & Eric: Awesome Show: Great Job!". I get bored to tears watching it and pretty much always spend the whole time it's on either playing a game on my phone or I just change the channel halfway through. "Tom Goes to the Mayor" is slightly entertaining... but even that gets boring. I just don't find them funny at all.

I must admit though, this trailer was interesting. I didn't have any "laugh at loud" moments, but it kept my attention long enough to finish (almost) the whole thing. The "commercials" were awful though.