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What if Edward Cullen swapped his brooding sob sessions for fisticuffs, against a vampire-hunting SWAT team? That would have been a whole other cinematic disaster... and apparently, that's just what Hollywood originally wanted. Read what Twi-harder could have been.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Twilight producer Mark Morgan revealed that early on, studio execs didn't want the movie version of Stephanie Meyer's book series to have the same emotionally saturated feel. Instead, everyone was clamoring for an action-movie rewrite. So what was different? According to Morgan:

"They had Bella [Kristen Stewart] fighting back. They had her father dying in one of the scripts, actually, and her becoming a vampire in the first movie.... of their drafts literally had a Korean FBI agent who was hunting and tracking vampires across the coast. There was SWAT in the trees and literally it was like, ‘Red leader, red leader 1′ and the vampires were picking them out of the woods. It would have been a different movie."


We love this! Granted, it's been done before, but we want to see a Twilight action-vampire movie reboot with Bruce Willis playing the cantankerous Dr. Carlisle Cullen, a vampire who has to put up with the constant vampire "rookie shenanigans" from Edward. Meanwhile, Keanu is running around the woods with the vampire hunting SWAT team screaming "I am an F. B. I. agent!" It would be so beautiful.

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