Hollywood making a sexier version of The Girl Who Owned a City

A big, fat movie deal for an unpublished book just broke in Hollywood. And while we know Hollywood is a giant recycling tube of unoriginal ideas, this one kind strikes close to home.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Bros. won a big time bidding war for the rights to the unpublished YA trilogy The Young World by Hollywood producer Chris Weitz of the American Pie franchise. The first book will be published in 2013, and Hollywood is ready to start churning out the movies.


The books (according to THR) focus on a group of "teenage survivors who inherit a destroyed and desolate earth, after a cataclysmic event kills off every person not between the ages of 12 and 21. Ill-equipped to restore society to working order, the surviving residents of New York City must try to rebuild their world from the ground up."

While that sounds cool, it's nowhere near as amazing as the premise of O.T. Nelson's The Girl Who Owned a City, in which a deadly virus kills everyone over the age of 12 in the span of a month. Now, I might be biased because the book took place in the town I grew up in and was basically my gateway drug for a lot of future YA and scifi reading, but for goodness sake will someone PLEASE TURN THIS BOOK INTO A MOVIE ALREADY!

Perhaps I'm just bitter and The Young World will be great and I'll eat crow. Adding teenagers to the mix means you get to sex it up a bit, so that makes sense for Hollywood. Fingers crossed.

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