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Apparently people never quite learned that "dead is better," because Stephen King's Pet Sematary is being brought back to life, with a remake. Let's just hope the remake, from the writer of 1408, doesn't put little Gage in 3-D.


Hollywood Reporter explains that 1408 screenwriter, Matthew Greenberg, is trying his hand at another King adaptation with a new Pet Sematary.

The original, which came out in 1989, directed by the kick-ass Mary Lambert, was based off King's book. The story focused in on a small town with a possessed burial ground, just past the old Pet Sematary. Rumor had it, if you buried something dead there, it would come back to you, resurrected. But like all things that come back to life, the pets and people would return... wrong. When one family faces a horrible accident with their youngest boy, the grief gets the worst of the father, and he does the unthinkable.


The project is currently at Paramount, which has had a lot of luck lately with cheaper horror flicks, like Paranormal Activity. We're still not entirely sure what to think about this. It's such a classic staple of 80s horror, I can't see how a shinier version of this film could be scarier. The original still holds up as creepy as hell, thanks to the young actor Miko Hughes and a cameo by sister Zelda. Still, fingers crossed.

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