Holland to Become World's First Floating Country

Illustration for article titled Holland to Become World's First Floating Country

Rising sea levels? No problem, say architects in Holland. To adapt, they're re-designing the entire country so that it floats on water. Houses are being built with giant foundations that sit on the bottom of the river, so that if the river level rises to a flooding state, the house floats up with it. The pipes are designed so that they can stay connected to electric and sewer lines even with movement. 20% of the country's below sea level right now, but it's only getting worse. City planners near Amsterdam are creating a new suburb with 12,000 houses, 600 of which will be built in water. Image by Waterstudio Dutch Architects Plan for a Floating Future [NPR]


@Justin K. Rivers: I am not saying they are being antagonistic. I am sure that it is a lovely country, and that the dwellings are harmonious asthetically, if not intelligently.

Knowingly build on the beach, don't get made when your house floats away. Knowingly build on a fault line, don't get mad when your house gets shaken into tooth picks. Knowingly build in tornado alley, don't get mad when Auntie Em and the family cow go flying by your window.

Build below see level with nothing but the lowest bidding contractor to hold back the sea? You see where I am going with this.