Hold Me Closer, Big (Plushy) Daddy

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Sure, you might not have thought of Bioshock's hulking, sulking protector as cuddly — but the joy-peddlers at ThinkGeek had another idea


You might not have wanted to be a Little Sister, but don't you dare tell me that you didn't eye her stuffed Big Daddy companion as she tooled through the city of Rapture. And ThinkGeek is totally down to sell you one. You can curl up in your tauntaun sleeping bag with a buddy. (And if stuffed dolls ain't your bag, Etsy has some less cushy Bioshock items, too.)

(via Wil Wheaton)

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I saw this on his twitter account this morning...

However, Wil and Thinkgeek are late to the party. Amazon's had these since Bioshock 2 launched in February. Prolly before then, even.