Hokey Religion is No Match For This Authentic Han Solo Blaster Auction, Kid

Han, from Return of the Jedi.
Han, from Return of the Jedi.
Image: Lucasfilm

This auction shot first.

This June, as reported by Reuters, Julien’s Auctions is putting up one of the most iconic props in filmmaking for sale: Han Solo’s blaster. This particular version of the prop, from Return of the Jedi, was made by the art director on the film, James L. Schoppe. Like every version of the prop, it was built out of a real Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistol, added on to with found parts and cast resin to turn it into Han’s iconic weapon.


In universe, that weapon is a modified DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, produced by BlasTech industries in the late days of the Republic and the time of the Empire, where it became popular with rebels like Han Solo due to its ability to penetrate Stormtrooper armor.

When this version of the weapon goes on sale, on June 23rd, it’s expected to sell at up to $500,000. This is the first time this particular prop has been up for auction. Before that, it lived in James L. Schoppe’s personal collection.

The auction will be taking place online at Julien’s Auctions and in person at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, if you’re loaded and looking for a weapon that’ll shoot fear into the heart of the Empire.

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“This auction shot first.”

Once again I rise to my lonely soapbox to point out that that whole “Han shot first” thing is specious. In the original film Has in the only one who shot; he caps Greedo under the table before Greedo can fire. It’s not a question of who shot first; only Han shot. So there.