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Hobbit actors fuel the cycle of squee with this fan reaction video

Illustration for article titled emHobbit/em actors fuel the cycle of squee with this fan reaction video

We've all seen our fair share of fan reaction videos — but we've never seen a reaction to a fan reaction video by the actors themselves, IN COSTUME. Which is exactly what just happened on the set of The Hobbit.


The fansite Happy Hobbit released an exceptionally squee-filled fan reaction video to the first ever trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And it's adorable.


BUT WAIT — here's where it gets totally amazing. Someone played the fan rection video on the set of The Hobbit for Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom, and Evangeline Lilly (in costume!!) and recorded their reaction to the reaction. It's priceless. We want to hug everyone involved. Just watch for yourselves:

Wonderful! The Hobbit's Facebook is truly one of the best fan creations of all times. And of course, these fans have already created a reaction to the reaction to the reaction.

[via The Hobbit Facebook]


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I can't believe I am saying this. Because I've read the Hobbit and LOTR more times than I can count and I loved the LOTR movies.

But I am not sure I even want to see the next part of the Hobbit.

I'll probably see it. But I was so geeked for that movie and I walked out not all that excited.