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Hobb Reveals His Master Plan In A New Clip From The Humans Finale

It’s not looking good for humanity’s A.I. creations in AMC’s Humans. They’ve been captured and at the mercy of Professor Hobb, and it’s up to the Hawkins family to come to their rescue. But just what does Hobb have planned for the Synths? Find out in this exclusive clip from the season finale.


Set in a world where every family has its own A.I. servant, Humans has been giving us a creepy and compelling look into a parallel present where humankind’s scientific advancements with robotics and artificial intelligence have reached a major ethical turning point. How will it all go down? Find out this Sunday, August 16th, on AMC at 9:00pm ET/PT.

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The finale reminded me of the AI slaves from the most recent Black Mirror Christmas special. I have never felt so uneasy watching fiction before. The thought of being trapped in your own mind with no free will is terrifying.