Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, blu-ray, limited edition, 30 bucks. [Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection, $30]

You either already love Spaced or it's one of those things everyone has been telling you to watch. Either way, it's 26 bucks today. [Spaced, $26]

Where we're buying, we don't need promo codes. [Back to the Future Trilogy, $26]

Head back to Albuquerque and re-live one of the greatest TV series ever made with the complete Breaking Bad Blu-ray set for just $130. It's never been below $160 until today. That's a great deal, bitch. DVD also available for $100. [Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, $130]

This prop-replica of Sting, the sword used by Bilbo Baggins during his adventures in The Hobbit, features motion-activated sound effects, glows blue, and is authorized by Warner Bros. [Hobbit Sting Sword, $67]

New Playstation Plus offerings and discounts are joined by a PSN RPG flash sale, which has marked down games like Ni no Kuni to a ridiculous $5. [PSN RPG Flash Sale]

The PC version of ESO is down to its lowest price ever of $30 today, making for a low barrier to entry if you've been curious and need a new MMO fix. [Elder Scrolls Online, $30]

Not only does this 55" LG Smart TV carry a price tag that's $200 lower than elsewhere; it also comes with a year of free Netflix, a $108 value. [LG 55" Smart TV with 1 Year Free Netflix, $1050]

Today on Woot, you can get a couple of excellent Sony sound bars with included subwoofers for very low prices. If you still use the built-in speakers on any TVs in your house, you shouldn't hesitate to jump on this deal. [Refurb Sony Sound Bars, $75-$175]

This kettle will look fantastic in any kitchen, and it has great reviews to boot. It usually sells for over $90, but it's only $65 right now. [Bonavita Electric Kettle, $65]

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  • FREE Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate | Plus
  • FREE Trine 2: Complete Story | Plus

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  • FREE Max: The Curse of Brotherhood | Games with Gold
  • FREE Halo: Spartan Assault | Games with Gold
  • Crimson Dragon ($10) | Deals with Gold

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  • FREE Uncharted 3 | Possibly a mistake, must "purchase" from the console
  • FREE NBA 2K14 | Plus
  • Black Flag ($18) | Amazon
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