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Hit My Head with 80g Force — My Brain Can Take It

Illustration for article titled Hit My Head with 80g Force — My Brain Can Take It

For the past few years, college football teams across the country have been participating in a head injury experiment. While playing games, they wear special helmets that use something called a "high impact telemetry system" to measure the impact and angle every time the players get smashed in the head. Now researchers at the University of North Carolina say the devices have yielded astonishing new facts about how hard you can get hit without getting a concussion.


According to a release from the University:

In football, a hit can easily jerk the head, for milliseconds, at 50g, and hits above 100g are common. One player in the study experienced 168g. It was previously suggested that a forces above 75g would likely result in a concussion, but these new results call into question that finding. Less than .35 percent (only one-third of one percent) of impacts greater than 80g resulted in concussions.


Why would you want this data exactly? Symbex, the company who manufactures the helmets, has an explanation. Though they've only been tested on football players, Symbex refers several times to the idea that these helmets could be used on soldiers. Hey, soldier, we know that only a tiny percentage of people get concussions from head impacts of 75g! Get back out there and fight!

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