For a while, the History channel has focused its extraterrestrial coverage on that guy with weird hair who throws his hands into the sky and shouts: “Aliens!” Now, they’re getting into sci-fi, but sci-fi inspired by supposedly real UFO cases. We’re here to open up those case files—and see if aliens are interested in exchanging tasteful nudes. You know, for science.

History’s Project Blue Book series hosted a special exhibition at San Diego Comic-Con called “Project Blue Book Headquarters.” The show is a fictional drama centered around the real, and previously classified, Project Blue Book case files, the top-secret investigation conducted by the United States Air Force into UFOs and other strange phenomena. The investigations, which took place from 1952 to 1969, involved thousands of cases, and each episode will deal with one or more of them.


You may recall mention of Project Blue Book from other geek properties like Twin Peaks or Galactica 1980 but the History series will be the latest and stars Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones), Michael Malarkey (The Vampire Diaries), Neal McDonough (Legends of Tomorrow), and Laura Mennell (Watchmen).

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Michael Munro

I’m hoping that they avoid the “it’s all true!” X-Files approach in favor of a mystery-thriller take on the UFO phenomenon as Cold War social paranoia informed by science fiction tropes. I don’t know about “de-classified”, though - I recognize a bunch of scenarios in the PBB trailer from ‘70s-vintage UFO books, notably including the so-called “Flatwoods Monster” case.