After years of playing zombie-killers, retired hitmen and even the King himself, Bruce Campbell's latest movie offered him the chance to play something a little bit closer to home: himself. But, as you might expect, that doesn't mean that My Name Is Bruce will be a quiet look at the previously unseen sensitive side of everyone's favorite Evil Dead star, because even Movie Bruce has to get his hands dirty fighting monsters.

Campbell explained the premise behind the movie to Ain't It Cool:

It's for the fans. It's a cautionary tale of why you should never hire an actor to do anything other than act. Ultimately it's serving as a comedy premise, that's all. It's not to be my definitive statement on my life or career or fans. It's a one off gag movie that hopefully people will be somewhat tormented and confused and hopefully entertained... Look, acting is a heightened version of something. There's no such thing as a realistic actor since it's all make believe. So for the purpose of the movie, it's all about a broken down, loser, schmuck actor who has greatness thrust upon him, and he mostly fails. The fact that he's Bruce Campbell is an extra weirdo bonus that will either help or hurt.


Admittedly, Campbell's official site gives a better idea of the movie's actual plot:

My Name is Bruce is the heroic struggle of a small mining town (Gold Lick, Oregon) to rid itself of a vengeful monster. Guan-di (Jamie Peck), the Chinese god of war and protector of the dead, has been unleashed by cemetery desecrating teenagers to protect the graves of Chinese miners lost in a deadly cave-in of yesteryear.

The deadly demon’s mission is to eradicate all those who transgressed against the tomb (relatives included), which is virtually the entire population of Gold Lick. The inbred community has to find a solution so Jeff (Taylor Sharpe), the sole survivor of a deadly Guan-Di encounter, takes it upon himself to kidnap his idol, Bruce Campbell (Bruce Campbell), star of countless B-movie horror films, and recruit him to be their local savior.

Mortified at first, Bruce eventually goes along with Jeff’s prank, convinced that it’s all an elaborate birthday present from his agent (Ted Raimi), and begins to enjoy the spoils of being a movie hero, including free liquor and Jeff’s attractive mother, Kelly (Grace Thorsen).

But Jeff’s scheme goes horribly wrong when his hero, known more for fighting directors than mythical warriors, haphazardly leads the town in battle against Guan-Di. Confronted by a monster that’s not a guy in a rubber suit, and with the blood of innocents on his hands, Bruce abandons the harsh reality of Gold Lick for the sanctity of his former, artificial life.

In his ramshackle desert trailer, Bruce resumes the daily grind of genre sequels, poor housekeeping and cheap whiskey, but a gut-wrenching call from his biggest fan, Jeff - now forced to take on Guan-Di alone - prompts the actor to re-evaluate his destiny.

Against his better judgment (and the angry citizens of Gold Lick), Bruce returns to defeat Guan-Di, save Jeff, and snag his hot mother. In the climactic, mano-a-monster, Bruce tries to rise above the miserable, off-screen schmuck that he is and become a hero…in real life.

Be afraid, Gold Lick – be very afraid.

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then Bruce has one last pitch that may sway you:

This is Bob Hope with decapitations; this is not SAW IX. So if folks are looking for the hardcore stuff, it ain't here. I mean, you're going to get the body count, you'll get that, but there's no torture porn in this. Torture porn, the great new phrase that's been invented.


The anti-Saw? Come on, surely that's reason enough to make this movie a smash-hit success.

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