HiLoBooks launches to publish serialized novels and Radium Age science fiction

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Because there's never enough great fiction in the world, we're extremely excited that the incredible pop culture website HiLoBrow is launching its own publishing line, HiLoBooks, to bring us fascinating new serialized fiction and reintroduce the world to the scifi novels of the Radium Age.


You may have seen HiLoBrow editor Joshua Glenn's excellent io9 series on Radium Age scifi, works of speculative fiction published after the romantic era of HG Wells and Jules Verne, but before the more familiar Golden Age works of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and the like. As an imprint of Cursor, HiLoBooks plans to reissue neglected science fiction novels that were originally published between 1904 and 1933. Already on the agenda are handsome new editions of Jack London's post-apocalyptic The Scarlet Plague (due in May), Rudyard Kipling's airship-filled futurist With the Night Mail (out in June), and Arthur Conan Doyle's apocalyptic Lost World sequel The Poison Belt (in July).

In addition to these Radium Age books, HiLoBooks will also publish new, serialized fiction. Over the last two years, HiLowBrow has serialized two works: James Parker's Cocky the Fox and Karinne Keithley Syers's hollow earth series Linda, Linda, Linda.


Introducing HiLowBooks! [HiLowBrow]

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Doyle had some interesting ones. Poison Belt it very interesting though it has some silly science. Kipling's should be interesting. Quite a few of these are free on kindle already.