Hilarious Title Ideas For That "Ultra-Realistic" Fantastic Four Movie

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Now that we've learned about the terrible changes in store for Victor Von Doom in the new Fantastic Four reboot and plans to make the film "lo-fi" and "ultra-real," some of you responded with new, much more accurate titles for the now not-so-Fantastic Four. And they are pretty brilliant.


In response to actor Toby Kebbell's revelation about Victor Von Doom's new name and director Josh Trank's "ultra-real" take on the characters and their world, commenter Yankton wrote:

I like lean and underproduced genre stuff as much as the next guy, but I think maybe Low-fi and ultra-real are not ideal qualifiers for a superhero team called The Fantastic Four.

The Ascetic Four

The Minimal Four

The Four That Often Go Out For Lunch Together, But Always Get Separate Checks So No One Pays More Than Their Share.

lightninglouie picked up the thread with his own ideas for the team's name:

The Completely Unremarkable Four

The Decidedly Average Four

The Statistically Normal, Not At All Unconventional Four

The Entirely Representative of Society As A Whole Four

You Know, Those Guys

I love you but I've chosen hooning! adds ways in which the characters can keep their individual names while getting a more realistic traits:

See, Victor von Doom is not the only one who gets a low-fi makeover. In the new movie Ben Grimm will be a guy with a severe case of atopic dermatitis. Johnny Storm suffers from hyperthyreosis, has a higher body temperature and sweats all the time. Susan Storm will be a woman of color with a body outside the norm and will thus be invisible to society. Reed Richards character however will be the closest to his morphing, flexible comic self as he will be a spineless lawyer.

But really, we're partial to whyhaveigottocreateaccountsEVERYWHERE's proposed title (as well as their username):

The Averagengers



This might be the most depressing thing I've seen concerning a marvel franchise in a while. Didn't they just prove that with a good story, that even the outrageous, over the top, have a bit of fun Guardians of the Galaxy was a block buster. Now they want to neuter Doom?

I shall go to my corner of the interwebs a cry a bit.