We know that Miles O'Brien had a lot more fun serving aboard Deep Space Nine than he did aboard the Enterprise, and these ennui-filled comics help explain why. Hanging out alone in the transporter room all day is bound to drive a fellow a bit mad.

Quick note: The artist's main site is temporarily overwhelmed, but you can read the Chief O'Brien at Work comics on his City Cyclops Tumblr.


In Chief O'Brien at Work, cartoonist Jon Adams explore the wonderfully awful boredom O'Brien feels standing at his transporter post, far from the bridge and without even a window to the outside. The first installment hits it home:

You can read the rest of the comics at Adams' site. Just remember, folks, transporting Lieutenant Yar without her clothes isn't so much a funny prank as sexual harassment.

Chief O'Brien at Work [City Cyclops, tip of the hat to mrinappropriate83]


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