Highly-Advanced Cloaking Device Unveiled in French Forest

Deep in the forests of Alsace, adventurous explorers can marvel at this strange installation that looks very much like what an invisibility cloak over a secret ship might look like in 100 years. No it's not a Romulan craft — it's actually a sculpture made of stones, glue and mirrors by Michel De Broin.


De Broin says the sculpture, called "Superficial," is about a "notion of transparency," and that:

The large stone, tucked away deep in the woods, became a reflective surface for its surroundings. In this play of splintered radiance, the rock disappears in its reflections. Because it reflects one cannot be mislead by its presence, yet we cannot seize it, rather it is the rock that reflects us.

But what about the aliens who are hiding their ship under the cloaking device? What does that have to do with reflecting me?


Here is the model De Broin used to fashion the final, large-scale sculpture. Very mecha and cool. Michel De Broin [artist's site via Environmental Graffiti]

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