High school principal could lose his job for making a Terminator fan video

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How twitchy are people about the issue of school violence right now? Very, very twitchy. So much so, that a high school principal who made a silly video of himself as the Terminator, complete with imagery from the James Cameron films, could be suspended or fired.


Erick Naumann had recently become principal of Everett High School, and he decided to introduce himself by making a funny video in which he walks the hallways of the school looking like the Terminator. "Was he sent to save us or destroy us?" the video asks. There are some images from Cameron's films, including a playground on fire. The video was played during school announcements, and most of the high school kids who saw it seem to have understood it was a joke and not really a threat that their principal was going to turn out to be have a metal endoskeleton and a penchant for time traveling in the nude.

But adults... not so much. The superintendent, Frederick Foresteire, told WCVB: "I thought it was inappropriate. It sent wrong message. Messages in that video were kind of disturbing. A woman terrorized in the hallway. They showed four empty classrooms. Where have the students gone?"


The school committee is meeting tonight to decide whether the principal gets to keep his job. Here's the news report:

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No offense to the smart Americans, but stuff like this makes your country look goddamn moronic!!