Hey, why not try the Necronomicon?

This hilarious short film is a cross between Lovecraftian madness and a pharmaceutical ad or a Mormonism commercial. It will have you snickering for days.

This movie was created by writer/director Joseph Nanni, curator of the aptly-named Bad Advice For Good Times production company. Check out Nanni's YouTube channel to see more of his work.

This is also just one of the many awesome short movies that will be showing at Seattle's Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival in January. Want to see more awesomeness like this with your fellow film fans? Check out the SFF SFF website for more details (caveat - I'm a judge for the festival).

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I think it's pretty safe to say the video description comparing it to a pharmaceutical ad is unfortunately off. The video is an obvious spoof of those Mormon commercials where they try to hawk their wares.