Hey Once Upon A Time, THIS is how you make Fairy Tales edgy

Tired of the new crop of "edgy" fairy tales that equate wearing dark colors with doing bad things? How about some bad Disney Princesses, that ENJOY being bad? Artist Rachel Wise brings your princesses-gone-bad desires to life, in a very clever way.

FYI, One picture below is NSFW, because the Little Mermaid is topless, not to mention tail-less.

Created by Rachael Wise we have to give this illustrator props for her excellent ideas. Tell Cinderella to clean the fireplace? FUCK THAT, I BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. However, I have to give Once Upon A Time credit for turning Red Riding Hood into a werewolf then having her eat her own boyfriend. That was legendary, snaps. But the rest is all crushing glow stick hearts, and honestly I've had my full of light-up heart-smashing. Let's get a princess all gacked up on whoop chicken. Or just go read Fables.


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