Marvel took a break from claiming it would be redoing its biggest and greatest comic events next summer and finally revealed something new — "Attilan Rising," where the Inhumans have... uh, risen, I guess. But it's still clearly part of whatever insanity Marvel has planned for next summer.

Since we last featured one of these promos, Marvel has been churning them out daily, each of them referring to some previous comic event, all due in summer 2015, although they haven't been as delightfully insane since Planet Hulk and Armor Wars. "Attilan Rising", on the hand, is new — very new — proven by the fact that the Inhumans are standing over the new and very recently introduced Thor.


If you haven't been following Marvel's shenanigans, the best guess is that all of these are part of the upcoming Secret Wars event, which seems to be a battle royale of Marvel's multiverse — a crisis of infinite earths, if you will. At least Marvel finally admitted to EW that all these things are part of something bigger:

Marvel remains tight-lipped about their end game with all these teasers, but does confirm that they are building to a reveal that promises to make everything clear.

I'm curious to see how many more "events" we'll be getting before that happens, and what they'll be. Still holding out for Stan Lee Onslaught, guys.

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