Broken Monsters Author Lauren Beukes Is Here To Take Your Questions!

Illustration for article titled emBroken Monsters/em Author Lauren Beukes Is Here To Take Your Questions!

Lauren Beukes, the author of Broken Monsters, is here to answer our questions about her latest novel, telling supernatural stories set in modern cities, and writing about characters with rich digital lives.

In addition to Broken Monsters (which you can read our review of right here ), Beukes is also the author of bestseller The Shining Girls, as well as novels Zoo City, Moxyland, and bestselling graphic novel Fairest: The Hidden Kingdom.


She'll be joining us from 11:00 - noon (PST) today, so start asking her your questions in the comments now. Please be polite! She'll be answering as many as she can while she's here.

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Hey Lauren,

I am curious how you felt when you saw this:

You have such an impressive command of all the genres you dive into whether it be cyberpunk or horror. Is there anything in the broad spectrum of fantasy/scifi/horror you would like to tackle but feel would be ill-suited for you?