Hey Email, Keep Quiet and Carry On

Unless you live in a bunker underground waiting for an alien attack or the impact of the granddaddy of all meteors, life is noisy. Roaring car engines, honking car horns, blabbering people, barking dogs—it can all be pretty overwhelming. And with 294 billion emails flying around every day, even checking your email can feel like you're being assaulted from all sides.


But take some small comfort in the fact that you're not alone. The typical person receives nearly 15,000 emails every year, and studies have found that graymail—all the newsletters, daily deals, and social updates you choose to receive—comprises up to 80% of your inbox. As graymail continues to grow, most people will be receiving 1,000+ more emails annually in the not-so-distant future. Which does not bode well for inbox efficiency: even though 85% of average emailers check their inbox multiple times a day, it can still take over a half an hour just to slog through all those messages. And if you have more than one email account, the numbers just multiply.

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Check out the video above (and the chart to your left!) for a visualization of how noisy the typical email account has become. But don't go running for that bunker just yet. Hotmail is quieting your inbox with their smart graymail management features. "Sweep" allows you to select an email and have all of the mail from that sender either sent to one folder or straight to the trash. Use "Schedule Cleanup" to automatically rid your inbox of old newsletters or deals every few days, every month, or whenever a newer one arrives. Click here to try out all these features and more at Hotmail. Do you hear that? Exactly—it's the sweet sound of silence.