Hey, By The Way, Riker Totally Wouldn't Mind Directing Star Trek 3

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Now that Roberto Orci is no longer directing the third Star Trek movie, the film like is a ship without a captain. But there's someone with both captaining and film directing experience who's more than willing to take the job — former first officer William T. Riker, a.k.a. Jonathan Frakes.


Frakes has announced he'd be totally down for directing Star Trek 3: Mission to Moscow (or whatever it's going to be called) if, you know, Paramount wants him to. Via Empire:

"I would love that job," Frakes added [in a radio interview]. "I'm trying to keep the lid on how excited I am about the possibility, knowing it's such a long shot. But there's nothing I would like better."

According to Frakes, he has contacted Paramount to express his interest and is waiting on their response.

Yeah, whether you're a Frakes fan or Frakes himself, I wouldn't get your hopes up — Paramount seems to be after Edgar Wright or Joe Cornish to helm the movie, and even if they turn it down I'm pretty sure Paramount wants someone higher profile as director. Hey, at least we'll always have Frakes' First Contact. Of course, we'll also always have Frakes' Insurrection too, but such is life.


First Contact was not all that good.