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Hexagon Cake Knife? Hexagon Cake Knife. Hexagon Cake Knife!

A hexagon cake knife is a knife that can cut cake into hexagonal pieces. Matthias Wandel, who is an engineer by trade but moonlights as a woodworking wizard (see his eminently watchable YouTube channel), was in need of such a knife, so he designed and crafted one himself.


I’m not kidding about Wandel’s YouTube channel; if you’re into this sort of thing, it is a Schedule-I time vortex. His recent creations include a Jenga pistol, a 60-sided geodesic dome, and, my personal favorite, a slinky machine:

Most of Wandel’s videos have a corresponding article on his website, which is also great. Explore at your schedule’s peril.


[Matthias Wandel]

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Now to make Settlers of Catan cupcakes!