Heroic librarians and the city at the nexus of dimensions: a trilogy we can't wait to read

Liz Williams, author of the Inspector Chen books, just signed a three-book deal with Prime Books, for her Worldsoul Trilogy. It has the best tagline I've heard in ages: "What if being a librarian was the most dangerous job in the world?" And here's the blurb, from Prime founder/editor Sean Wallace's blog:

The first book focuses on Worldsoul, a great city that forms a nexus point between Earth and the many dimensions known as the Liminality: a place where old stories gather, where forgotten legends come to fade and die - or to flourish and rise again . . .

Adds Williams, on her own blog:

It's about a stolen library, an unstable monorail, several renegade sphinxes and much else besides.

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How about the Librarian in Terry Pratchett's Discworld?

Or the Librarians of the Clayre in Garth Nix's Abhorsen series. At one point an evil necromancer realizes he is being trailed by "one of the elite combat mages referred to as Assistant Librarians".