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Actual television ratings for Heroes may be falling perilously close to cancellation levels, but there's one place where NBC's Heroes still reigns supreme: Internet piracy. For the second year running, the superhero soap opera is the year's most illegally-downloaded show.


The Hollywood Reporter's THQ, Esq. blog has the top 10 pirated shows of 2009, and in addition to Heroes' success, genre shows fare well in general: True Blood, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Lost also make appearances, alongside shows like 24, House and Grey's Anatomy (Surprisingly, Dollhouse is nowhere to be seen. We'd have expected it to be more popular than Terminator on curiosity and Whedon's name alone, to be honest). But what makes pirates keep coming back to Heroes? We're tempted to make a joke about the show being better if English is your second language, but perhaps there's really just something about the wish-fulfillment aspect of the series that keeps hope alive despite the actual quality of each episode.

'Heroes' is most-pirated TV show of 2009 [THR Esq]

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