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This week, everybody is getting a blast from the past. Chuck is running into his ex-girlfriend, Sam is meeting his mother, Back To The Future-style on Life On Mars, and the Petrellis just can't seem to shake their daddy issues on Heroes. We've got behind the scenes clips and promos for all.Monday: Adorably dorky Chuck features yet more overly attractive women getting thrown at the nerd with the spy computer in his brain this week. In "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer" the lucky lady that gets to play with Chuck's pocket protector is none other than his ex-girlfriend. Chuck is on at 8 PM on NBC. Chuck Promo:

The Petrelli clan is all riled up and ready to fight on Heroes this week, and it finally looks like some sense has been smacked into Peter, thanks to his overly dramatic over-the-top Poppy. "Eris Quod Sum" is on NBC at 9 PM. Heroes Promo:

Heroes Mohinder Behind The Scenes Footage:

No Sarah Connor Chronicles this week. Christian Slater plays two minds in one body ones and this time the "boring one" is pissed because the "slightly more interesting" personality has endangered his family. My Own Worst Enemy, is on at 10 PM on on NBC. Go underground with the anime hotties of the future in Gurren Lagann. In this dystopian future, everyone has been forced to live beneath the Earth's surface and they journey to the surface to fight the big bad robots on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. Movies: Place your bets now! It's a ridiculous alien throw down on Alien Vs. Predator on FX at 8 PM. Get your monster-from-the-ocean fill with Godzilla on ABC Family at 9 PM. Tuesday: Fringe is not on this week. You'll just have to get your friends to pee themselves for you instead. Movies: See all the changes Ridley Scott had in store for his 1979 classic creepfest when Alien the director's cut airs on FMC at 8 PM. Wednesday: Mike Tracer gets eaten by a pack of undead — but not before he takes off his shirt and flirts with some lady in a bikini. At least that's what we wish would happen this week on "Knight Of The Living Dead" on Knight Rider on NBC 8 PM. Movies: There's a turtle power marathon on ABC Family — at 7 PM, enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles followed by TMNT 2 at 9 PM. Thursday: The second class Scooby Gang (Fringe being the first in my book) explores the mysterious disappearances of severely autistic kids in the US on Eleventh Hour. The kids vanish and then reappear with savant syndrome, whatever that is. The episode titled "Savant" is on at 10 PM on CBS. Promo For Eleventh Hour:

This week in Life On Mars' incredibly long-titled episode, "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?", we get to meet some members of Sam's family from the past, which is now the present, because he's traveled back in time but not really. (Well, you get the idea.) The American revamp of this British hit is on 10 PM on ABC. Life On Mars Promo:

Jimmy is causing more trouble by snapping pics of Clark saving Lois, again. Will Clark's "Identity" be revealed this week? I'm guessing no. But if it's got more of hottie Sam Witwer as Doomsday, I'm game. Smallville is on 8 PM on the CW. Smallville Promo:

Smallville Clips:

Movies: Tickle the piano keys with another man's severed and possessed hands, courtesy of a mad scientist, in the classic Beast with Five Fingers on TCM at 7:30 AM. Friday: There's no new Star Wars: Clone Wars this week. The new Ben 10: Alien Force has a Galvan named Albedo impersonating Ben complete with his own Omnitrix. But his real goal is to steal Ben's Omni once and for all. Ben is on at 9:30 PM on Cartoon Network. No Stargate Atlantis or Sanctuary this week but the Sci Fi Channel is hosting an all week marathon of scary movies. Movies: You can't celebrate this spooky season successfully without watching Mel Brooks' classic Young Frankenstein at 6 PM on FMC.

Saturday: This week the Primeval team has to fight a big bad super-predator from the future, on BBC America at 9 PM. Movies: Enter the Dino wonderland. All three parts of Dinotopia are airing on the Sci Fi Channel starting at 9 AM. Sunday: Bill finally has to pay his vampire wages for having stuck up for Sookie all the time. Plus Lissy Kaplan, the new v juice snorting hippie from Connecticut, is back and making Jason do dumber and and more dangerous things all the time — so all is pretty much the same over at True Blood. This week's True Blood is at 9 PM on HBO. Movies: For the love of god, don't stir the oxygen tanks on the Apollo 13! That's airing on the Sci Fi Channel at 3:30 PM.

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