Masi Oka, otherwise known as Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, is co-writing a Fringe-esque pilot for Syfy called The Correctors. The premise is complicated, but Oka knows a thing or two about wacky alternate reality travel.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Oka is teaming up with writer Alex Sabeti (Art of Cool) to produce a Syfy pilot. Here's the basic premise.

The Correctors follows two agents of the Exceptions Bureau who are dispatched to a parallel universe where they inhabit the bodies of their identical selves in order to stop events from occurring.

The time-travel elements and changing the course of history were key in the plot of NBC's now-defunct Heroes, where Oka played a Hiro Nakamura, who could bend the space-time continuum.


So it's The Adjustment Bureau meets Fringe, kind of. Let's hope Oka (who will not only write but, star and executive produce the series) can pull it off.