Heroes Series Cashes In . . . With Books

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With the writer's strike threatening to spread into the holidays and beyond, NBC is rushing a novelization of Heroes to print the day after Christmas. This Heroes novel is the first book to try and capitalize on the writer's strike. After all, with the number of game and reality shows on television increasing daily, people are going to have to turn to books if they want to get their fill of . . . television. But will it be good television? Maaaybe. Details after the jump.

In Saving Charlie, fans will discover why Hiro has gotten more action on the show than the hormonal Peter Petrelli. The plot features Hiro's missing six month time-travel adventure with Charlie the cute waitress, when he went into the past to try and save her from Sylar. While he ultimately had to let her die in one of those "it was meant to be" moments, they did fall in love.

The novel is being put out by Del Rey Publishing, and is written by Aury Wellington, who seems to be best-known for her novelizations of teen angst drama The O.C. . It also features one of the dullest book covers we've ever seen. But we're trying not to judge. We need our Heroes fix.

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