Heroes Season Two Sucks So Bad, They Want You To Fix It

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NBC's superpowered phenom show Heroes has been so bad this season that series creator Tim Kring talked to Entertainment Weekly from the WGA strike (where he was picketing his own show!) to apologize for the mess they've made. He cited poor character introductions (the oily black-eyed Wonder Twins), a romance that isn't working (Claire and The Boy Who Could Fly), and the fact that they've kept the time-traveling geek icon Hiro back in ancient Japan way too long. So what drastic change will NBC making to improve the show?


They're going to let you pick and choose from an extremely limited set of flashcards and create your own hero! Visitors to their "Create A Hero" site will be able to choose the parameters for a new "hero," such as a "Drop Dead Gorgeous Female From Asia With A Medium Body Type." Since when was that a superpower? If your choice garners enough votes, they'll actually appear on the show the following week. That's right, they have plans to do this every week.

Whew. Show saved! No more plot holes or dragging storylines, thanks NBC! Seriously, if the writers are going to have to juggle things like working in a gimmicky new hero every week, how are they going to be able to get the show back to last season's heights of critical acclaim and viewer adoration? This just smells like a desperate bid to shoehorn in some advertising, since the whole "Create A Cameo" is sponsored by Sprint. Ditch those cell phones, pick up your pens (post-strike, of course) and give us back the show we loved.

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