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Heroes' Peter Writes Drugged-Out Comic Book Vanity Project

Illustration for article titled Heroes Peter Writes Drugged-Out Comic Book Vanity Project

When he's not busy saving the world - or, just as likely, feeling angst-ridden and depressed about some minor thing - Heroes' Peter Petrelli has a secret life . . . as a comic book writer. Yes, that's right. Milo Ventimiglia is following in Rosario Dawson's footprints, making the jump from actor to writer with the new series Rest.


Explaining the concept of the series (which he's co-writing with Russ Cundiff; Swamp Thing vet Shawn McManus provides the art), Ventimiglia said,

If you could take a drug and never have to sleep, never be tired and always be on the top of your day would you take it?...No? What if your friend took it? He would have more time to get things done, take up a hobby, get everything done at work, play with his kids, go out with his wife, take a language, take karate...but what would your friend be like on the drug vs. other people that are not on the drug.


So it's... a crazy SF anti-drugs PSA, Milo?

There is not one, single underlying message in Rest, but many. It will be up to the reader to decide what that message is and ultimately what it means for them. As far as agendas, there is no intended social commentary in this comic; any parallels drawn by readers are purely a coincidence.

Suuuure. A "coincidence".

The comic book is based on an unproduced screenplay by Michael O'Sullivan, and it comes as no surprise that the lead character looks more than a little bit like a certain actor from NBC's Heroes. Angling for a potential movie deal, perhaps...? The series launches next month.


Ventimiglia, Powers & Cundiff on DDP's "Rest" [Newsarama]

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This is one of the major reasons I gave up on the comic book world... "Hey, I'm famous for being an actor... so I'm going to write a comic book!" While lots of ACTUAL writers are ignored.

However, i wasn't offended by Rosario Dawson. She has some geek cred, and frankly... I likes to look at her. Likes a lot.