We've waited two years to meet him, and when the third season of NBC's Heroes premieres next month - yes, we are that close to new episodes of all our favorite shows, thankfully - our long wait will be over. But who will Robert Forster (veteran of Karen Sisco, Justice League and the short-lived Spawn cartoon) be playing when he joins the show? Answers and a spoiler when you click that "more" button.For everyone who's been hoping that one of the promised surprises in Heroes: Villains will be an appearance by Peter and Nathan's Papa Petrelli, then you're in luck - Forster will be playing Arthur Petrelli when he joins NBC's hit show. Does this mean that Arthur isn't as dead as he's been assumed for the last two seasons, or are we in for even more time-traveling craziness as we discover all of the secrets behind the Petrelli empire? This being Heroes, of course, it doesn't have to be an either/or scenario. Exclusive: Robert Forster Joins 'Heroes' as (Spoiler Alert)! [Entertainment Weekly]