Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular roundup of our favorite new toys on the internet. This week: Nerf overkill! Overwatch’s Mercy swoops in! Very nice chairs! And much, much more. Check it out!


Nerf N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50 Blaster

If it’s good enough to help take down an alien Predator running through the jungles, it’s good enough to annoy your co-workers with a barrage of 50 foam darts. The minigun, which has made memorable appearances in movies like Predator and Terminator 2, has finally been recreated as an official Nerf toy with the N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50. Available in the fall for $100, it includes Nerf’s first 50-dart drum which feeds a barrel with a unique spinning effect, although we doubt it actually speeds up its rate of fire. The blaster is powered by four D-sized batteries, and includes a shoulder strap as this one looks like it’s got a bit of heft to haul around.


Playmobil Porsche Mission E

The success of the Lego Movies has opened the door for other companies to bring their toy lines to the silver screen, including Playmobil, whose aptly-titled Playmobil: The Movie arrives in November. Aside from many of the Playmobil toys you grew up with, the film will also feature a Playmobil version of the electric Porsche Mission E concept, and you better believe a toy version of the vehicle is en route as well. According to Autoblog, it will hit store shelves come August for $60, will be remote controlled, and will run on seven AAA batteries, although a few of those might end up in the included controller.

[h/t Autoblog]


Good Smile Company Figma Overwatch Mercy Figure

Whether you love or loathe her reworks, Mercy—Overwatch’s most iconic support character—has one of the most visually striking character designs in the whole game’s cast of characters, which makes her an absolute delight to see in the ever-growing line of Figma heroes. GoodSmile’s 6" Mercy includes her blaster as well as her healing Caduceus staff, an alternate head to replicate her looking ready to fire in one of her “Play of the Game” poses, and even removable elements from her wings to display her either at rest or ready to guardian-angel her way over to the nearest figure on your shelf that needs a little top up from the good Doctor. Mercy takes flight this December in Japan—the perfect angel to put atop any Overwatch fan’s Christmas tree this year. [hobbylinkjapan]


NECA Johnny Lawrence vs. Daniel LaRusso The Karate Kid Tournament Figure Set

The lack of a matching, eight-inch version of Mr. Miyagi is a disappointing oversight for NECA’s Johnny Lawrence vs. Daniel LaRusso tournament fight set, but it’s not like toy store shelves overfloweth with excellent Karate Kid merchandise these days—so we’ll take what we can get. There don’t appear to be any pricing details for the two-pack yet, which ships sometime later this year, but the set also includes a tournament poster and trophy, as well as a competition mat so your figures can spar.

[h/t ToyArk]


Star Trek Sixth-Scale Scale Captain’s Chair FX Replica

Even if you don’t have a 12-inch Captain Kirk or Captain Picard in your collection, there are still plenty of figures who would look commanding when posed sitting in this sixth-scale Star Trek captain’s chair. It swivels, it’s padded, and it’s got a wonderful ‘60s aesthetic given it’s based on the original Star Trek series. Pop three AA batteries into the base, or plug it into a USB port, and the chair even features light-up control panels that can trigger four sound effects: standard bridge sounds, announcements, viewscreen scanning, and that iconic red alert siren. ThinkGeek’s got it for $60, but it’s a BYOF(igure) affair.

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