Heroes Needs To Cater To Fans, Resurrect Me, Says Actor

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In what may be a classic case of sour grapes, former Heroes star Leonard Roberts — the formerly intangible DL — feels that the creators of the show have forgotten where it started from, and need to get back to fundamentals. Entirely coincidentally, Roberts also has some ideas about how his character could return from the grave.


Speaking to UK showbiz site Digital Spy, Roberts talked about the upside of the WGA strike:

If anything good can come out of the writers' strike in the US, I think it was an opportunity for the Heroes camp to regroup and get back to the type of storytelling that garnered all these fans across the world and to do right by them. I mean the fans put the show where it is and it's only right that the creative element behind it respects that audience and gives them something that is worthy of their respect. I hope that they've had some time to do that — I think they have — and when everybody gets back to work I have no doubt that it's going to be a stellar season.


As to whether DL may show up on the show again in future, he points out that "the nature of our show is that nothing is fully as it seems, so anything is possible," before adding that "I had a bunch of ideas [on how to return] but for some reason [the producers] never really listened to them!"

Admittedly, those ideas centered around renaming the show Zombie DL and the rest of those Heroes, but still... [Digital Spy]

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@beelzebuddha: I don't mind that they killed DL off, I mind HOW they killed DL off. Let's summarize:

Season 1: DL gets shot in a logical manner, dies appropriately.

Season 2: Turns out he's NOT dead. Yay, Hospitals!

Season 2, Later: DL becomes a hero fireman, using his powers to save those in need! Yay!

Season 2, Still Later: DL, the man who can become insubstantial, faces down a dangerous man in a shady nightclub, then totally fails to use his power to defend himself from being shot. WTF?

Why did they bring DL back (because everyone I know thought he'd died) only to kill him so stupidly. The guy just walks up and shoots him, after they'd just had a tense confrontation in a dangerous nightclub on the bad side of town? They could have killed him in that sequence without making it look so...preventable. Like have him walk PAST DL, then swing around and shoot him in the head from behind. Instead, we see him come at DL full-on from the front...and DL just forgets he can turn into a ghost? WEAK.