The first promo for NBC's new Heroes webisodes is out and what wonders may cease we've got a whole new crop of ridiculous powers to challenge Postie's magic scream. Santiago, the character who loves soccer so much he's either playing the sport or in the uniform for the entire promo, has the ability to run really fast while visualizing every probable outcome of a scenario in his brain. Which sounds pretty useful. On the other hand, his girl friend turns into water, and the effect is laugh-out-loud hilarious.Click to view I must admit this webisode looks light years better than the first, but I don't know if I'm going to ever get tired of yelling "sploosh" whenever his lady gets smacked by a car and turns into a wave. I'm sorry is the ability to turn into water that great? Would your nemesis be made out of Sham Wow? Yeach, props for Santiago's super ability but this girlfriend has gotta go. But also thank you NBC for spending a little more on this webisode than in Postie's storyline. But then again, this is only the trailer.