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Word on the street is that NBC is approaching the producers of their recently canceled superheroic drama about some kind of closure event, a climactic good-bye movie. Should they even bother?


Listen, I've devoted as much time as any of you in Heroes — moreso, if you count the hours upon hours of midnight lamp-lit recaps of each episode. Like you, I've watched it swell from promising to glorious, and then shrink to illogical, pedantic and, worst of all, boring. If you, too, have been a tortuously faithful watcher, then you know how it feels — to be invested.

As such, the cancellation news was like the pulling-off of a prime-time band-aid: a twinge of pain, but something that had to be done. So the idea of a potential eleventh-hour rescue hits with a bit of ambivalence. The ending we got was enough, wasn't it? Do we want more? Do we need more? Do we trust that Tim Kring and his staff can give Heroes a finale that puts a button on four years of distant flirtations with greatness? Or should NBC simply leave well enough alone?


(Via Hollywood Insider)

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