Heroes' Kring Avoids Time Travel To Return To The Show's Roots

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Hope is just around the corner for those of us burned out on time travel plots in NBC's Heroes, according to the show's creator Tim Kring. Talking to an audience of screenwriters and press at last weekend's Screenwriters Expo in LA, Kring explained why the show won't have that plot crutch to rely on for much longer, and also talked about why there are so many damn heroes anyway.Kring was originally supposed to appear at the Expo with recently-removed writer/producers Jeph Loeb and Jason Alexander; following their dismissal by NBC, Kring originally pulled out of the appearance before returning at the last minute, replacing Loeb and Alexander. After talking about how he got started in the business, Kring went into some detail about the origin of Heroes - and the way that the show very quickly changed from its original conception as a series that would change its main cast every season:

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The problem is you run into a whole series of issues, where show and business run into each other. The network falls in love with characters, the audience falls in love with characters, the press falls in love with characters. And it's contractually hard to get people onboard for a brief period... You find yourself writing for characters you thought would be gone.

But in the future, the changing ways in which audiences watch television will have an effect on the way that the show is structured; this season's move to two "volumes" will continue, as shorter storyarcs tell new viewers "every couple of months, 'come on in, the water's fine.' You can hop on the train and you won't have missed too much." Well, except for continuity-heavy flashback episodes like last week's, of course. But never fear; the show will also be cutting back on time travel in its future, according to the report on Comic Book Resources:

Kring says the show will take a hiatus from time travel stories. Asked about time travel as a story device, Kring said “avoid it at all cost.”

Finally. Between that, depowering Peter and getting rid of some cast members recently, it's almost as if the show is beginning to fix itself after all. Maybe Kring reads us, after all. Images from Greg Beeman's blog. Could Heroes Move Away From Serialization? [IGN], Tim Kring Talks "Heroes" History [CBR]


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