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Heroes Isn't Derivative, Claims Executive Producer

Whatever you do, don't suggest that Heroes is derivative to the show's executive producer Jeph Loeb. On the latest edition of comic book creator interview podcast WordBalloon, he shrugs off comparisons to Watchmen ("Oh, like nothing's ever ended with the end of the world ever") and The Fly ("Have you ever seen the Wolfman? Okay, well, he got transformated too! I don't understand"). "People like to see things where they want to see things. Why don't they just stop and just enjoy the show?" he said, continuing with "When you go outside and there's a flower, do you sit there and go 'Hey, that reminds me of Flowers for Algernon'? No, it's a flower, relax." Maybe he should go and talk to the other writers on the show who have said that The Fly "definitely" inspired the Suresh scenes. [WordBalloon]


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You know, this makes sense. Writers who are disjointed and don't know a thing about what inspired their own show?

Sounds like Heroes.