It may be slipping in the ratings on US TV, but there's one place where Heroes still holds the top spot: The chart of the most pirated television shows on the internet. Huzzah for technology!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Heroes was downloaded around 1,760,000 times last week, giving it the top spot just ahead of ABC's Lost. Surprisingly, the other shows in the top 10 mirror the broadcast hits for the most part - House, The Big Bang Theory, etc. - with the unsurprising addition of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I must admit, I'm kind of amazed that something like Dollhouse isn't on there, considering its high amount of nerd lure and crappy timeslot (or, for that matter, non-transmission outside the US)... Perhaps the mainstream American television audience is closer to the internet audience than we'd given them credit for... or perhaps the siren song of Family Guy transcends all demographics.


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